case study for house of words

scope .

The client requires a beautiful and user-friendly e-commerce website for his online store. He desires a modern, visually appealing website optimized for all devices. The website should have e-commerce functionality to enable customers to purchase products, where users can place an order and surf with minimum clicks.
Also, it requires a marketing solution to attract more sales.

features .

There is lot to tell but interesting ones are:

  • Creating marketing tools, helps to generate coupon codes, sales discount,s or offers on product selections
  • Subscription-based model for ordering products
  • Add 3D videos or images of products for the user experience of products

solution .

We create an online store, with a dashboard for clients who can add products, analyse, and create a marketing campaigns from a single point. For a user experience and interface, we took a minimal and classic approach so that users can easily understand the product and make their experience way more interesting while placing orders.

responsive .

ui design .